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What We Do

CRECER: Centro de Rehabilitación, Educación, Capacitación, Estudios y Recursos

CRECER works to rehabilitate adults after tramatic brain injuries, strokes and accidents who have impaired physical and cognitive function. We also habilitate children with cerebral palsy, down's syndrome and other disabilities.

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Fieldwork Education

Occupational therapy students are a vital part of our organization. Students are able to complete their Level I & II fieldwork with us for their Occupational Therapy and Occupational Therapy Assistant program requirements.

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Level I Fieldwork | Level II Fieldwork

Our organization trains clients in job and leisure skills.

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Volunteers, students, professors, and groups are able to pursue research projects that relate to occupational therapy and the healthcare profession.

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Our organization acts as a resource for occupational therapy students, our clients, their families, and the community of Ibarra and Imbabura province, through presentations and hands on workshops on a range of topics.

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